At IPC we take our environmental duties extremely seriously, we are always thinking of and implementing new ways to reduce our carbon footprint whether it’s the vehicles we drive, the machinery and the products we use.

We are always looking for new products that are more environmentally friendly without sacrificing on quality of the product. We work closely with the paint manufacture representitives who help us find the best product for our projects with the least environmental impact which does not inflict higher costs to the client.

When on site we try to keep out impact to the environment to a minimum, here are a few things we do: -

  • We use high pressure water jets to clean down the building, this reduces the need to use detergents to remove grease and dirt.
  • We try to capture as much of the old paint chips as we possibly can.
  • Dust is vacuumed up or wetted and wiped away.
  • All materials, machinery and welfare are delivered in one go to help with our CO2 emissions.
  • All paint cans are removed from site and taken to a certified waste management company for disposal.
  • Paint spills are cleaned up using rags then disposed of, it is never washed away in to the drainage system.


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