IPC Ltd take care of organising site welfare for your project.

  • The law says that clients and contractors have responsibilities regarding welfare facilities on construction projects.
  • We will provide welfare facilities for the onsite crew and make sure on your behalf that all facilities provided are compliant. You as the client, have a responsibility to ensure this happens.
  • We have a responsibility to maintain the facilities throughout the life of the project.
  • The nature and scale of facilities required will depend on the size, location and type of project.


Toilets should be suitable and sufficient, ventilated, lit and kept in a clean and orderly condition.
Washing facilities must be provided so that workers can use them immediately after using the toilet or urinal, even if they are provided elsewhere.

Washing Facilities

General washing facilities must be suitable and sufficient, kept clean and orderly and with basins or sinks large enough for people to wash their face, hands and forearms.

The facilities should include:

  • Clean hot and cold, or warm, running water.
  • Soap or other suitable means of cleaning.
  • Towels or other suitable means of drying.
  • Showers where the nature of work is particularly dirty or there is a need to decontaminate.

Drinking water

Drinking water must be provided or made available at readily accessible and suitable places.
Cups are required unless the supply is in a jet from which people can drink easily.

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