Industrial Building Wall Painting

Industrial Building Wall Painting

IPC Painters of Walls in Factories, Plants, Industrial Buildings and Manufacturing Facilities

Next to painting the ceiling in an industrial plant, painting the interior walls is the best way to improve the overall appearance of your facility. Don’t underestimate the value of a well painted working environment.

Product choice:

The paint system choice for your walls depends on the existing substrate and the property use adjacent to the walls.


This is the product of choice for Blockwork and Brickwork walls in a building used for general manufacturing and storage as it will provide a cost effective aesthetically pleasing finish.

In a food manufacturing or pharmaceutical environment where hygiene is of the upmost importance we would advise using a block filler primer.  This product will make sure that the finished job will be free of all pinholes and cracks to eliminate the risk of bacterial growth. This primer has a high viscosity and allows the applicator to cover over the porous surface of the blockwork before applying finishing coats of emulsion.  Anti-bacterial coatings can be used over the primer for added protection.

Water based emulsions can be applied in matt, semi-gloss or gloss finish.


Many industrial and Commercial industries require heavy duty epoxy wall systems that can withstand chemical exposure, abrasion and impact.

Other facilities need integral seamless finishes and easy-to-clean concrete walls and floors.

Extremely hardwearing durable high build pure epoxy coatings are designed for use in the commercial and industrial sectors. Solvent free epoxy wall paint protects the substrate against damp and dust, is non-toxic and taint free. Epoxy wall coating provide an easy clean coloured gloss finish that will not allow mould or fungal growth.

Epoxy resin wall coating is the perfect choice for use in environments where solvent containing coatings should not be used such as the beverage industry because this product is 100% solvent free. When cured, this coating is chemical resistant and extremely durable also making it the perfect choice for the pharmaceutical and food industries


Over the last Thirty years cladding has become the material of choice for many industrial buildings. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of these sheets while benefitting the building internally by providing light and space with the right colour choice. Our range of high performance coatings provides simple, cost-effective systems for the maintenance of steel and cladding substrates.

  • Improve its lifetime by at least another 10 years
  • Much more cost effective than replacement
  • Provide a brighter workplace environment
  • Fully utilize the communication role of the building
  • Protect against atmospheric, chemical and mechanical deterioration
  • Available in the full range of BS and RAL colours, over 35,000 choices.
  • 5-10 year guarantees available.

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