Epoxy Wall Coatings

Epoxy Wall Coatings

Many industrial and Commercial industries require heavy duty epoxy wall systems that can withstand chemical exposure, abrasion and impact.

Other facilities need integral seamless finishes and easy-to-clean concrete walls and floors.

Extremely hardwearing durable high build pure epoxy coatings are designed for use in the commercial and industrial sectors. Solvent free epoxy wall paint protects the substrate against damp and dust, is non-toxic and taint free. Epoxy wall coating provide an easy clean coloured gloss finish that will not allow mould or fungal growth.

Epoxy resin wall coating is the perfect choice for use in environments where solvent containing coatings should not be used such as the beverage industry because this product is 100% solvent free. When cured, this coating is chemical resistant and extremely durable also making it the perfect choice for the pharmaceutical and food industries

Suitable for application on;

  • Blockwork
  • Brickwork
  • Rendering
  • Plaster

We recommend the following products manufactured by Resin Surfaces Ltd.

RSL. Resutile Wall is a popular wall coating chosen for its durability and high resistance to thermal shock, hot water and chemicals as well as being impact resistant.

RSL. Resupen WB is another popular choice as it is a water based polyurethane coating which has excellent UV stability and thermal properties.

RSL. Ecuclad offers reinforced protection by incorporating fibreglass within the build up and specification of the system.  This fibreglass layer adds extra protection and provides a stronger and harder wearing surface with greater impact resistance.

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