Car Park Sweeping

Car Park Sweeping

With a large, modern fleet of carpark sweeping equipment, we have your power sweeping needs covered.

The best equipment; our power sweeping partners all have large modern fleets of power sweeping equipment. This allows us to match the proper sweeper to your job to result in the cleanest service possible.

Whether you are a property manager, owner or a facilities manager, power sweeping is a best practice that will benefit your property.

Sweeping would seem to be a basic operation that is a as simple as driving a truck across pavement. In reality, different purposes for sweeping will require different equipment and there are multiple types of equipment.  Several factors are considered when determining which type of sweeper is best use for a particular job.

1.Type and amount of debris and weather conditions

2.Frequency of sweeping

3.Lighter debris loads are best for a large air sweeper

4.Heavy loads of gravel, dirt or other heavy debris are best for broom sweepers

  • Having a regular scheduled street and carpark sweeping program will help with health and safety as well as environmental concerns and mandates. Performing regularly scheduled sweeping can prohibit accumulation of debris on the roadways which will potentially contribute to accidents and has been proven to increase pollution in storm water. The sand and dust removed from the roadways can help to reduce health issues caused from dust particulates.
  • Street and parking area sweeping improves your sense of community.From an aesthetics point of view, more litter on the roadways will encourage litter to be tossed from vehicles. Unsightly debris discourages community pride and ultimately hinders growth. With communities struggling to bring in new business and residents, the simple act of regular sweeping will improve appearance and encourage growth and pride.

Contact us for more information on sweeping and learn how your community can benefit from this valuable service.

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