Single Pack Floor Painting

Single Pack Floor Painting

Single pack floor coatings provide ease of application and a quick return to service.  The single pack nature enables users to reduce waste of the products and ensure that they can get the most value for their money.

Although not as hard wearing as two pack products, they can prove to be an ideal choice to refurbish areas quickly and economically.

  • Single Pack polyurethane mid-gloss concrete floor paint is a popular, lower cost choice for general use.
  • The most cost effective way to coat a floor is to use single pack concrete floor paint.
  • This will give you medium durability against abrasion and impact, with limited protection against solvent, salt and water damage.
  • Suitable for light commercial and industrial areas.
  • It comes in gloss or semi-gloss finish.
  • Brightens and strengthens dull concrete floors.
  • This floor coating system is an economical option and a popular choice for users looking to rejuvenate and brighten up light commercial concrete floors where durability is not paramount.

It provides an attractive finish and offers some resistance to abrasion as well as solvent, salt and water damage.

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