Grip\Slip Resistant Surfaces

Grip\Slip Resistant Surfaces

There is a lot of emphasis placed on creating a safe working environment today.  Anti-slip floor paints can be applied on to both interior and exterior floors such as concrete, metal, wood, fibreglass, plastic and rubber, basically anywhere that moisture may cause a slip hazard.

All Epoxy resin/Polyurethane floor coatings are available in a range of textures and can be graded with aggregates to create an anti-slip profile that minimises the risk of falls by enhancing traction underfoot.


The introduction of these anti-slip additives within paints ensures that in areas where oils or water or any form of liquid is spilled onto the surface, the possibilities and chances for slip are dramatically reduced.

Anti-slip finishes can be achieved by the inclusion of silica sand, coarse grade 30 or anti-slip aggregates such as white aluminium coarse grade #20 mesh/0.85mm.

Other aggregates such as Calcined Bauxite and White Flint can be used as a partial or fully blinded scatter.

The surface of an anti-skid system can be easily cleaned with a low pressure hose, rotary scrubber dryer or wet vacuum.


We offer anti-slip and non-slip systems. Anti-slip paints, from single-pack, fast-drying coatings to rapid-hardening and very chemical-resistant epoxies.

  • Protecta-Kote Rubber Anti-Slip Rubber Paint is a rubber crumb non-slip paint containing rubber granules, to provide a tough, flexible, anti-slip finish.
  • Coo-Var Suregrip is a ready mixed anti-slip floor paint for floors, ramps, steps and jetties.
  • Rustoleum 7100 NS Non-Slip Floor Paint is designed for use on concrete, steel, timber and existing coatings.
  • SigmaCover 640NS 2 Pack Non-Skid Epoxy Paint is suitable for application in temperatures down to zero degrees Celsius.
  • Anglo Treadsafe Epoxy Anti Slip Floor Paint is a hard wearing, epoxy resin, anti-slip floor paint.
  • RSL. Resugrip Is ideal for exterior environments and can work with a number of different aggregates to create different anesthetic finishes
  • RSL. Decora BC. Combines slip resistant properties with a decorative or solid colour finish.
  • Pumagrip HD. Resdev’s Fast Setting Anti-Slip Systems are available as both 2 and 3 pack flexible polyurethane binders for anti-slip aggregates used on highways, car parks, ramps, breaking zones and pedestrian walkways providing a profiled finish for environments where vehicle and pedestrian safety is paramount. Suitable for use on concrete, polymer modified sand/cement screeds, suitable asphalt, wood and steel surfaces.

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