Fast Cure MMA Systems

Fast Cure MMA Systems

Seamless MMA Floor Systems

IPC offers durable, fast-curing Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) seamless flooring systems that, in many cases, can be installed overnight and ready for service the next day.

MMA systems are strong and resilient, offering you excellent UV protection prevents fading and yellowing even in direct sunlight coupled with high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. All coatings are non-porous helping to achieve a bacteria and mould free easy to clean finish.

Available in a wide variety of colours with the option to add non-slip aggregates and quartz decorative finishes.

Although VOC compliant and odour free when dry, MMA has a very strong odour during installation. MMA is also flammable before curing, which necessitates extra safety precautions.

Many clients are considering Polyaspartic systems in preference to MMA.

  • UV-resistance prevents colour fading
  • Ideal for fast turnaround renovations
  • Rapid curing, even in cold temperatures
  • Thermal shock and chemical protection suitable for restaurant and kitchen applications
  • Excellent water-resistance
  • Excellent self-bonding characteristics, which means that it’s easy to repair should damage ever occur
  • Low-gloss finish
  • Easy-to-clean seamless

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