Anti-Static Flooring System

Anti-Static Flooring System

Anti-static floor systems are used in projects where the finish is required to have an electrical conductivity leakage resistance.

Our industrial Anti-Static & Static Dissipative three part Epoxy Resin Floor Systems with additional properties preventing static build up by allowing the charge to dissipate through the floor surface satisfies the requirements of BS 2050.

This system is used in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical, food and a wide range of manufacturing and service facilities.

Anti-static epoxy flooring can be applied to a variety of substrates including concrete and metal.

  • Resdev: We use viscosity, solvent free conductive primer for anti-static and electro static dissipative systems such as Pumadur HF ESD, Pumadur SL ESD and Pumaflow ESD.
  • RSL: Various finishes can be achieved with RSL’s anti-static products such as a matt finish with Resustat SL23 or a decorative finish which can be created by using Resustat Terazzo. These products show that you can have a functional yet attractive system.
  • Flowcrete Peran ESD SL: is also suitable for areas where gas, solvents and explosives are handled, and in areas where there is a risk of dust and explosions.

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