At IPC Ltd, we have found that building managers have become increasingly frustrated with having to get quotations from multi-specialist painting contractors before placing work orders in good faith only to find themselves acting as project manager, health and safety officer and crew supervisor for the duration of the project. The IPC team is constructed of professionals at every level to make sure once your project is passed over you won't need to get involved till all work is completed and quality approved.

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  • IPC Ltd tender competitively for every job and will supply you with a realistic quotation for your project.
  • We will plan and oversee the timely delivery of your project whilst ensuring adherence to the contractual, environmental, health, safety, and CDM 2015 regulations.
  • Our managers have in-depth experience of individual requirements, from specification, through specific project management and quality control to client delivery, hand over and maintenance programming.
  • The company is run by professional Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers and Project Planners.
  • Essentially, we provide our clients with a one stop shop that deals with all painting needs from initial call to hand over.


Today, you as the client, have a responsibility to be CDM 2015, there is no avoiding this. We take all this hassle away for you by taking care of everything from start to finish as follows:

  • Every site has a dedicated compound secured off from the public with security fencing.
  • The compound is used to site the site managers office, crew welfare unit and toilets.
  • All site plant is stored here out of harm’s way at the end of every shift.
  • The waste skip is also stored here, and rubbish and debris will always be stored here and not all over the site.
  • Every job has a dedicated site manager that stays on site with his crew from set up until hand over.
  • Your dedicated site manager will be SSSTS accredited and will hold first aid and fire marshall qualifications. They will run all site health and safety protocol while managing the crew and ensuring quality standards are always upheld.


  • All our crew members are full time employees, and all have relevant training and task specific qualifications.
  • We pay our employees properly for the work that they do, unhappy employees are not good for us or the client.
  • Ask any of the team if they are unhappily going through the motions during their working day with IPC Ltd. You won’t hear anything negative because our guys are encouraged to bring their issues to the management for solving every time.
  • We treat every crew member with respect, and we will always rely and act on their knowledge and onsite feedback about products, working systems and safety.
  • We have ongoing training schemes in place as follows.
    • SSPC Train the painter coatings applicator courses have been created within the industrial coatings industry.
    • IPAF. International Powered Access Federation. training programme for platform operators.
    • PASMA. Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association. The Standard PASMA training course is the Scaffolding Tower users.
    • CSCS. Construction Skills Certification Scheme. CSCS cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out.

Free no obligation consultation, survey and quote

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