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Scope of works:

Floor Preparation:

Floor preparation such as shot blasting is done so the resin or screed product can be properly bonded to the substrate below. Good floor preparation is the key to a successful screed or coating. Our machines will strip off large areas in a short time frame before applying coatings and screeds. There is no dust and so the machine can be used in food production and pharmaceutical areas. The floor preparation process is as follows:

• The shot blasting machine directs steel shot at the floor as it travels along.

• The steel shot abrades the floor removing existing floor coating and a thin layer of concrete.

• The steel shot and the debris are sucked up back into the machine and are separated with an electro magnet.

• The dust and debris is vacuum sucked down a long hose to a dust collector and the steel shot is sent back down to the firing wheel for re-use.

• The inside of the machine is all at negative pressure so there is no leak of shot or dust.

• The amount, dispersion and speed of steel shot firing can all be controlled so the amount of abrasion can be changed. Hard floors may need more abrasion than soft floors. Heavily coated floors may want a larger steel shot than a plain concrete floor.

• The machine is self-propelled and this can also be altered.

Floor painting:

Apply 1 coat of Resuseal WB Epoxy Resin Floor coating primer

Apply 2 coats of Resucoat HB Epoxy Resin Floor coating finish.

Anti-slip aggregate:

We created non-slip zones by the inclusion of Aluminium Oxide Demarcation lining:

Apply 1 coat of Resuline to all demarcation areas marked on the site plan provided by the client.

We also applied disable bay logos, walking man logos and large letters

Duration of works:

Four days from start to finish

Contract Value:


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