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Scope of works:

Car park marking:

To supply and apply hot thermoplastic road marking material and tack coat concrete primer where necessary.

  1. .100 x 1m dots totalling 8
  2. 1m High letters (NO ENTRY x2, SLOW, NO PARKING)
  3. 1.6m High 5mph speed roundels totalling 3
  4. Hatched areas in three locations totalling 93m²
  5. Disabled parking bays totalling 6
  6. Parent and child parking bays totalling 5
  7. Parking bays totalling 172
  8. Crossings in two locations totalling 13.2m²


  • Access tower to corner sign.
  • Access tower to Barton street, double width scaffold x 3 lifts, fully boarded.



High pressure water cleaning is used to remove all loose and flaking materials, salts and other surface contaminants, scouring away dirt, grime and especially chalking, the powdery pigment left on the surface.

Oil contamination will be degreased with scrubbing action using Johnston’s Performance coatings cleaner and degreaser.

Rinse substrate thoroughly with fresh water to remove all soluble materials and allow drying.

Any exposed metal surfaces which are rusting are to be treated by scraping, chipping, wire brushing, or mechanical means to remove all rust.

Please note; it is essential to ensure that apparently sound existing cladding coatings still has good adhesion before over coating. This will be checked by carrying out a cross hatch test on a sufficient number of elevations. Where the adhesion is suspect, the area will be stripped of old coating and primed.

All prepared metal surfaces will be primed with one coat of Johnston’s Performance Coatings Single Pack Primer to achieve a wet film thickness of 100 microns, dry film thickness 50 microns.

Spray apply two coats of Johnston’s Performance Coatings Steel and Cladding, semi-gloss top coat, to achieve a wet film thickness of 190 microns, dry film thickness 100 microns

Make good by hand abrading.

Degrease with a proprietary cleaner.

Carefully mask off all areas not scheduled for painting

Spray apply 2 coats of Tikurilla Temadur 20, 2 pack epoxy coating.

General painting to steel and woodwork:

  • Steelwork; clean down with pressurised air. Mechanically grind and hand sand the substrate to remove any loose paint and rust before spot priming with Johnstone’s Quick Dry Metal Primer. We will then apply one oil based undercoat and one oil based finish coat of Johnstones ultra gloss paint.
  • Previously painted woodwork; Scrape back all loose and flaking paintwork with a hand tool before thoroughly sanding the entire area smooth using Aluminium oxide glass paper.

Dust off completely before spot priming bare woodwork.

Fill all cracks and holes with a proprietary filler system and sand down to a smooth finish and Caulk up all opened joints.

Apply one full undercoat and one full finish coat. 

Car park:

Remove all debris and vegetation to a skip before using a High power pressure washer to completely clean the tarmac surface.

Aco drains to be cleared.

All loose and damaged tarmac to be cut out to an even square and reinstated with topping quality tarmac.

All disturbed kerb stones to be reset and all damaged kerbstone to be replaced.

Tent field:

Lift and remove the redundant timber decking from site.

Pressure wash and re-sand the existing block paving.

Duration of works:

From site set up to completion, the works were completed within 4 weeks.

Contract value:


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