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Cherry Court is another project we completed for B Price, the duration was two weeks with a contract value of £20,306.00

We were required to re-paint the external cladding on unit 5B, this consist of using high pressure water cleaning to remove all loose and flaking materials, salts and other surface contaminants, scouring away dirt, grime and especially chalking, the powdery pigment left on the surface of the cladding. Any exposed metal surfaces which where rusting was treated by scraping, chipping, wire brushing, or mechanical means to remove all rust. All prepared metal surfaces was primed with one coat of Johnston’s Performance Coatings Single Pack Primer to achieve a wet film thickness of 100 microns, dry film thickness 50 microns. We spray apply two coats of Johnston’s Performance Coatings Steel and Cladding, semi-gloss top coat, to achieve a wet film thickness of 190 microns, dry film thickness 100 microns. We were asked to renew mastic joints and clean the window frames.; We cleaned down the steelwork with pressurised air. Mechanically grind and hand sand the substrate to remove any loose paint and rust before spot priming with Johnstone’s Quick Dry Metal Primer. We will then apply one oil based undercoat and one oil based finish coat of Johnston’s ultra gloss paint. All previously painted woodwork was scraped with a hand tool before thoroughly sanding the entire area smooth using Aluminium oxide glass paper. We then applied one full undercoat and one full finish coat.

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