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We completed this project during the Christmas shut down to cause minimum disruption to the college and reduce the risk of students and other members of the public walking on the floor. The contract value was £3600.00, duration was 2 weeks due to difficulties prepping the floor. 

On most projects we would bring a generator to power the shot blaster which is used to prepare the floor before coating. The shot blaster abrades the floor removing existing floor coating and a thin layer of concrete. The steel shot and the debris are sucked up back into the machine and are separated with an electro magnet. On this occasion the college had three phase power supply that we could use but once we started there were fallings in the power which shorted out the machine, we had to retrieve out generator from Birmingham to complete the prep work. 

  After the floor prep we applied one coat of Resuseal WB Epoxy Resin Floor coating primer, this was then left to dry overnight. A further 2 coats of Resucoat HB Epoxy Resin Floor coating finish was applied over a 2 day period.

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