Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

In many workplaces there are risks, which may affect the health and safety of employees. A properly conducted risk assessment is an important step in protecting employees and business, as well as complying with the law. In many instances, straightforward measures can control risks, and whilst the law does not expect employers to eliminate all risks, they are required to protect people so far as is reasonably practicable.

We will ensure that: –

  • Employees undertaking risk assessments are competent to do so, having undergone suitable training in the risk assessment process.
  • Identify all hazards with the potential to cause harm to employees and others who may be affected by our undertaking.
  • Evaluate the probability and severity of potential injury or damage.
  • Identify the options for eliminating, reducing or controlling the identified risks and taking the necessary action.
  • Provide employees with any additional training identified within the risk assessment process as being a necessary control measure.
  • Review the risk assessments annually, where they may no longer be valid, or where there has been a significant change in work activities or processes.
  • Keep records of the significant findings of the risk assessments and identify employees who may be especially at risk.
  • Provide appropriate health surveillance where there is an identifiable disease or potential adverse health condition related to the work activity.

Provide employees and employees of other employers working on the premises with comprehensive and relevant information on risks, preventative and protective measures, emergency procedures and competent persons.


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